Fine Memorials Create Sheer beauty in motionless, everlasting stone

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We have been in business since 1982

Independent Stone, Marble & Granite Specialist

• Churchyard & Cemetery Memorials
• Traditional hand engraving and modern sand-blasting
• Additional Inscriptions & Renovations
• Memorial Maintenance & Insurance
• Pet Memorials
• Urns & Keepsakes
• House Names & Numbers
• Stone Garden Furniture, Hearths & Fireplaces

Fine Memorials is a stone, marble and granite specialist. We supply, erect and service all types of memorials in churchyards and cemeteries in Somerset and Devon. We also carry out renovation and restoration work to existing memorials as well as carving additional inscriptions. As an independent company, we pride ourselves on a high standard of craftsmanship, the proper training of all our staff and customer service excellence. We hope you find what you’re looking for on our website. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact or visit one of our showrooms in Bridgwater, Minehead, Tiverton, Exeter or Barnstaple.

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Inscription Options

We can inscribe your stone using a range of techniques. Each offers a very different and distinct finish.

Hand chiselling
Expertly crafted using traditional techniques, hand chiselled lettering gives a classic and unique feel to a memorial. We are proud to be one of the few masons still offering this time-honoured skillful and beautiful art.

Sand blasting
Using the latest technology, sand blasting offers a quick, more linear finish. Sand blasting allows for a very clean, contemporary look.

Inlaid Lead
This is where lead is packed into chiselled stone. It offers an attractive, extremely durable finish, because the lead prevents the chiselled stone edges from weathering.

Raised Lead
This method is much the same as Inlaid Lead (above), but the metal protrudes from the stone giving an embossed finish.

Gold Leaf / Coloured Lettering
After cutting, letters can be finished with a variety of paint options. Black and white lettering is common, but for something really special, gold leaf is a favourite.


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We have been in business since 1982

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